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The Journey of a Life Coach

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U Blossom LLC

The Journey

Blossoming strategy sessions takes you on a growth journey to becoming more confident, focusing on the present and future rather than the past, bringing you into a place of wholeness. This journey is to help you identify your goals and any obstacles you may be facing. You will receive guidance, and support, with emphasis on accountability, which enables you to do more than you are able to accomplish on your own. Let’s go on this growth journey together!

Personal growth is not a matter of learning new information, but of unlearning old limits.

Alan Cohen…

Purpose Strategist

My passion as a Purpose Strategist, Life Coach, supporter, and motivator is to empower women to find their purpose. Through my personal experiences, I help my clients develop a positive mindset, find clarity, and blossom into wholeness.

Building Self Confidence & Self Worth
Positive Perception
Self Care
Single Parenting / Maturation of Sons
Self Discipline / Mastering Yourself
Loss of a Child / Loss of a Parent
Facing and Mastering Fears
Conflict Resolution
Professional and Lifestyle Transition
Living your Life’s Purpose
Time Management
Organizational Skills
Interviewing Techniques
Emotional Control

About U Blossom

U Blossom’s Collette Neves sits down with Christopher from Business Talk Radio to discuss her passion for helping people blossom and finding their purpose and how it led to her becoming a purpose strategist and certified life coach. 


Clarity Growth Program

Finding clarity has benefits to your life, it can help you discover your purpose while giving you the direction you need for your life

This program will provide you with keys for clarity to have a fulfilling life which will be about the perpetual progression that leads you towards your destiny.

Positive Perception Growth Program

The power of positive perception enables you to have a more positive and productive life because when you change your perception you change your reality.


This program helps you to look at things in a positive light, redirecting your thoughts, changing your mindset, and shifting your view to a more empowered one to overcome all situations and challenges.


Identity and Purpose Growth Program

Discovering your true identity and finding your purpose is key to living a happy and fullfiled life.

This program will help you to uncover your true identity, find your purpose, and tap into what you are truly passionate about.

Self Worth Development Program

Knowing your self-worth is priceless! It is imperative to your overall success to be comfortable with who you are, embrace your uniqueness, which brings you to the optimal place with loving yourself with imperfections and all which still have value.


This program helps to build your self esteem, practice self discipline, bringing you to a place of self mastery, while cultivating a higher awareness of your self worth and value.

I work with a vast clientèle, personalized coaching, and host workshops.

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