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Do you pay attention to what people think of you when you walk into a grocery store, work, or the theater? Do you always go for what you want and deserve? Self-worth is often not written in black and white, and most times, we may not realize that we are victims.

What is self-worth? It means valuing yourself and believing in your abilities. It looks simple, right? Until you realize it’s not. Let’s put it into perspective. You see sassy models walk the runway, and you can’t help but imagine the level of self-worth that they obviously have. But what if they have been told their whole life that they were ugly and good for nothing? How do you think they would feel despite those charming looks? Worthless and unattractive is the answer.

Do you feel the same way? We are the best motivational speakers that can use our life coach training in Florida to allow you to live your life uninhibited by your thoughts.

Looking For The Best Motivational Speakers?

Here is why you need life coach counseling:

  • Distrusting yourself often
  • Having to be self-critical 
  • Measuring yourself using others 
  • Constantly feeling anxious or fearful
  • Trying to be perfect every time
  • Not feeling confident about your body

What Is The Danger Of Lacking Self Worth?

The sad truth is that lack of self-worth affects our lives more than we think. Often, self-doubt is the fruit. That means you can never be the best version of yourself because this prevents you from facing challenges head-on, limiting your growth.

Having confidence in oneself and your abilities contributes to your well-being. It’s not a secret that no one has it all. You can be the best employee in your company but are poor at parenting. You can also be a great swimmer but the worst cycler.

Self-worth helps you merge these strengths and weaknesses for all-around confidence. Lack of self-worth has been related to higher stress and anger levels, poor performance, poor interpersonal relationships, and increased drug use.

On the brighter side, it’s not the end of the road!

Develop Your Self Worth With Professional Motivational Speakers In Florida

We specialize in enabling our clients to improve their self-worth. That’s quite broad, so what do we really do? Our life coaching in Florida is oriented to truly change your core system and beliefs and not make you temporarily believe that you are confident.

Your confidence is related to what you believe, and we work towards changing these systems. Do you think you are a terrible parent, inadequate at your workplace, or have way too many kilos than you need? Let’s emphasize the word “think.” It’s all in the head, and you have said it for too long until you finally own the narrative.

Still, believing you are good at your job when you aren’t doesn’t make sense, right? What about the weight? If you feel you should have less weight, it’s for a good reason. The same applies if you think you are not a good parent. Maybe your job is too demanding.

We try to establish why you feel these inadequacies by helping you pin down the reasons. We also dwell on the fact that these months or decades of beliefs are changeable. We have enabled thousands of individuals to attain immense confidence with our programs, and the testimonies are incredible.

Even after carrying hurtless words in their minds since childhood, we have seen our clients finally trace the beauty in themselves that they didn’t see all along. And nothing makes us happier than seeing them make such enormous steps in their lives!

What Are The Benefits Of Our Self Worth Programs?

Many people pretend to be something they are not to fit into societal standards. What if you did not have to guess and have doubts about yourself? You would be living your life at its best. We have worked with clients and enabled them to stop feeling compelled to act in a certain way or change to meet people’s expectations. It certainly feels amazing to be yourself. Besides, you will be better at making healthy relationships that foster development.
With heightened self-worth, you can make decisions effortlessly without the pressure to alter them because of others’ judgment. You know what you want and need and the decisions and actions that promote a better future. And to be specific, that’s your future! We help you take charge!
Once you understand your value, anything below what you deserve is unacceptable. And for sure, you deserve it! Yes, all the way! Tagging a low value on yourself imprisons you to bad relationships because you feel you don’t deserve better or low income since you can’t ask for more.
What if you believed you could do anything provided you set your mind to it? Our self-worth programs evoke a drive to be successful in all your endeavors, whether at work, in business, or in your desired weight.
Some may call it arrogance, but we call it the art of knowing what you are capable of doing and the impossible. We are top motivational speakers that strive to ensure our clients are fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This makes it easier to conquer your flaws for success.
An angry and frustrated person spreads negativity to those in their environment. The same applies to the happy lot. When you are living your life authentically, you are satisfied and happy. And you may find yourself wanting to spread this feeling by helping others overcome their problems. Most will find themselves volunteering and engaging in other acts of kindness.

Take This Questionnaire To Weigh Your Self Worth

You likely need a life coach in Tampa if you answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions:

  • Do you get angry when someone criticizes your actions or words, even with valid reasons?
  • Do people hurt you easily? 
  • Do you depend on people’s opinions to make decisions?
  • Are you okay not voicing your thoughts in groups and tend to accept others’ suggestions?
  • Do you find it challenging to handle compliments?
  • Do you often feel inadequate?
  • Is it normal to say negative things about yourself?
  • Do you always apologize even when it’s not your fault? 
  • What happens when you look in the mirror? Do you feel unattractive?

The best motivational speakers in town

Are you looking for a motivational speaker in Florida? Our team consists of the best motivational speakers that are highly certified and trained to deal with all kinds of self-worth issues. Regardless of your circumstance or age, we can help you unlock your self-worth for an improved life. We use proven techniques that have worked overtime and tailor our sessions to our patients’ needs. Ready for a life without regret that lets you attain your goals? We are your go-to life coaches that can make it happen. Call us to begin your journey towards happiness and freedom!