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My story on becoming a Life Coach in Tampa Florida

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My Story

Collette Neves

Is a Purpose Strategist certified Life Coach with credentials from Manifest Theological Institute in Tampa, Florida. Collette is the CEO and Founder of U Blossom LLC. Collette’s mission as a purpose strategist is to empower women in finding their purpose helping them to have a positive mindset, find clarity and blossom into wholeness. Collette Neves is a dynamic and powerful woman who is an overcomer and more than a conqueror. Throughout her life, she has faced many challenges, but she has risen victorious every time. Collette is now at a point in her life where she wants to share her life lessons and experiences, to help others tap into their greatness and bloom beyond their imagination. Collette was blessed to bring her daughter Jadasia into this world at the age of 19, although she was here for a short period of time, her impact on her mother’s life was very significant. This was a great tragedy Collette experienced that left her feeling worthless, but we know out of pain growth transpires. However, God did not leave her empty He blessed her again to birth a healthy baby boy at the age of 20, her oil of joy for mourning. However, five years later, Collette was hit again with tragedy with the sudden death of her father. And this put Collette in a state of depression that she had never experienced before. It left her in a state of functioning like a robot, going to work, caring for her beloved son. Consequently, her joy left, her outlook on life had been diminished and she felt like life was taking a toll on her and didn’t know why. Her mother made her aware of the state she was in. She told her she had too much to live for, a son for one; and she still had a purpose here on earth. See she always received validation from her parents; however, the circumstance of life had her feeling stuck. At that time, she had to make a decision to live, move forward and tap into what she was designed and destined to be. 

She began a focused journey of seeking her Heavenly Father for direction and guidance, letting the Holy Spirit be her guide and comforter. she had a great family support system. Collette knew and believed that she was God’s masterpieceand learned that her circumstances didn’t define her, because God already has.believing that she is fearfully and wonderfully made she began to tap into the powerwithin.
Yes, life throws many curve balls and relationships have played a great part in that. She had to overcome being wounded in relationships whether it be a relationshipwith a man, woman, family, or friend. Knowing her self-confident, her worth and valueshe didn’t allow those situations to stop her from blossoming and neither should you.Connect with Collette to discover your best blossoming strategy.

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Life Coach Tampa

My passion as a Purpose Strategist, Life Coach, supporter, and motivator is to empower women to find their purpose. Through my personal experiences, I help my clients develop a positive mindset, find clarity, and blossom into wholeness.

Coaching includes (but not limited to):

  • Building Self Confidence & Self Worth
  • Positive Perception
  • Self Care
  • Single Parenting / Maturation of Sons
  • Forgiveness
  • Identity
  • Self Discipline / Mastering Yourself
  • Loss of a Child / Loss of a Parent
  • Facing and Mastering Fears
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Professional and Lifestyle Transition
  • Living your Life’s Purpose
  • Time Management
  • Organizational Skills
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Emotional Control

About U Blossom

U Blossom is an organization that Builds Leaders of Society & Strengthens overall motivation by encouraging, enhancing, and developing women; assisting them in being all they are purposed to be. Meet Purpose Strategist, Collette Neves, as she talks about how we can take action to become whole.