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Positive Perception Growth Program

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The Best Motivational Speakers Who Truly Care About Our Clients’ Wellbeing

Do you focus on the red flowers or thorns on the Bougainvillea? This is not about the best plant for your fence but your perception of life. Unfortunately, our reality and experiences are based on the same idea. So, what is perception? This is how we view ourselves, others, events, and things. Self-perception influences our moods, behaviors, and judgments. That’s where positive perception comes into play. It evokes positive thoughts and beliefs, resulting in positive behaviors and outcomes.

Let’s go back to our question. If you focus on the thorns rather than the beautiful flowers, you are missing out on a fulfilled life. The good news is perception is a choice. U Blossom has the best motivational speakers who have worked with clients like you, and we strongly believe that we can help you change how you see things.

The Best Motivational Speakers Who Can Boost Your Life Quality-

People, experiences, and other elements of life may influence your general perception. Still, this is something you can change. Why is a positive perception necessary? Life is what happens every day. This could be rejection by your partner or being laid off at work during a downsizing process. How do you handle such situations? Do you feel unworthy or inadequate afterward? If you take yourself through positive self-talk, you will counteract the negative feelings. If you find that hard, you should consider life coaching in Florida. It incorporates actionable steps and tools that change your perspective of life.

What Are The Cons Of A Negative Perception?

Negative perception sounds simple until it’s not. For instance, if a workmate, sibling, or friend is always making you feel like they are against you, wouldn’t you be defensive? One way or another, you are likely to react negatively. This leads to unhappiness and dissatisfaction. On the other hand, positive perception fosters peace and joy.

You may perceive things differently because of past experiences, and that’s okay. However, that may leave you out of work promotions and good relationships. Negative perceptions have the following consequences:


Negative feelings result in increased risks of depression, anxiety, and poor self-worth.


Negative perceptions may push you not to apply for a job or promotion. You will also pass up invitations to social calls.

Interpersonal relationships

Poor perceptions of oneself lead to self-sabotaging relationships and having difficulty keeping up with friendships.

If the above applies to you, you should seek support. Our perceptions influence our reality. That means it’s easy to miss certain points when dealing with others, and looking for support isn’t such a bad idea. Although a professional motivational speaker should be ideal, you can consider someone you can trust to give the right judgment. They should have nothing to lose or gain from the situation.

Why You Should Highly Consider Our Positive Perception Program

Our life coach training Florida has produced true change that has enabled our clients to do better in various aspects of their lives. These include:

Putting the past where it belongs…

And that is in the past! Living with regrets and focusing on your past mistakes can be harmful. These thoughts prevent you from discovering the best version of yourself and your capabilities. With a positive perception, you focus on what’s happening now and how you can move forward. If the past events weigh down on you for years or months, it’s best to seek the assistance of a life coach Tampa. The first step is taking the blame for your past unconscious reactions. This way, you can view things from a neutral or positive point.

Feeling compassion

It’s not only your friends and family that could benefit from this. You have to be compassionate towards yourself too. It’s more like being patient. This makes you gentle with yourself despite where you ought to be in terms of your goals while taking the steps needed to get there. Without a doubt, positive thoughts are empowering. Someone else may be dwelling on negative thoughts, and you can help them see better through your compassion.

Being open to any kind of feedback

When you positively perceive others and yourself, you respond well to feedback. This is especially true with criticism because you focus on the positive aspects of everything. You also learn to prevent triggers from people and situations from making you behave irrationally. Our life coach counseling involves learning to take deep breaths or a break to think more clearly for informed decisions that you won’t regret.

Solid judgment

Do you ever feel bad about your decisions because of someone else’s opinion? You shouldn’t, and that’s an art you can learn from a professional motivational speaker. Always be comfortable voicing your ideas and thoughts. It makes it effortless to form authentic and healthy relationships that seek to develop you.

Discovering an intelligent and capable you

When you believe you are intelligent and capable, you will likely have better outcomes from your work and relationships. That’s not all. You can easily manage challenges and get back up despite setbacks.

A pat on the back for all wins(small and milestones)

You have to mark each of your successes because societal standards don’t define you. With a positive perception, any progress is good progress. This sets you up for better and greater since you don’t compare yourself to anyone.

Leaving perfection for planet Mars

It’s very true! Perception may be possible on another planet, but not ours. When you try to be perfect in what you do, you challenge yourself for the unattainable, resulting in frustrations.

Why Is U Blossom Your Go-To Place For Top Motivational Speakers

Passion for our work

We have seen positive perceptions work for our good and love an opportunity to use our experience and expertise to spread the phenomenon for success and improved life quality.

We care

As you sit in our offices telling us your story, we appreciate that you are taking the hard step of seeking help. That’s why we don’t just listen to words and jot down nothing. We listen beyond those words to understand you better for the best solutions.

We never judge

Some of us have gone through situations like yours to be where we are today. That’s why we are out to make a difference for a better world truly. From the first to the last session, we try to make it easier for you to air out your concerns and desires without feeling judged for your decisions or actions.

We don’t compromise on integrity

You can rest assured that as you inform us of your vulnerabilities and the most traumatic events of your life, it remains between us. We are professional motivational speakers with long-term clients who couldn’t be happier choosing us.

Searching for the best motivational speakers in Florida? Search no more because we have a vast team of professionals who have made it our job to create a positive world through changing perceptions. We are passionate about our purpose in life and practice honesty and integrity in our dealings. Feel free to contact us for your life coaching on positive perception for steady growth!