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Coaching Services and Programs

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My passion as a Purpose Strategist, Life Coach, supporter, and motivator is to empower women to find their purpose. Through my personal experiences, I help my clients develop a positive mindset, find clarity, and blossom into wholeness.

Greetings Beautiful,

I would like to welcome you to the U Blossom Family where we are encouraging, enhancing and developing women. Assisting them in being all they are purposed to be. I effectively help my clients improve in personal and professional areas of their life. Creating action plans tailored to meet their specific needs.

Transformational Coaching Service: Bi-weekly Sessions

$90 per session for 3 months.

– Limited time offer a package of 6 sessions due to COVID- 19 (3 months): $540

No Commitment 2 Hour Intense Program

$197 one on one coaching; includes an actionable tailored plan.

Blossom Strategy Growth Sessions

$200 Monthly Coaching Sessions (6 months) Weekly Sessions

 Clarity Growth Program
 Positive Perception Growth Program
 Identity and Purpose Growth Program
 Self Worth Development Program

All my services include text and phone support between sessions. You will receive guidance and support, with emphasis on accountability which enables you to do more than you are able to accomplish on your own. Let us go on this growth journey together.

Collette Neves
Purpose Strategist
Certified Life Coach